Xbox Party Chat Down Fix

There are a few ways to fix the Xbox Party Chat Down issue

Xbox Party Chat is a fun option that lets players discuss moves and strategies with their friends. However, lately, some players have been experiencing issues with this Xbox feature. Xbox support has addressed the issue via Twitter. The tweet states, “We’re still currently investigating issues affecting Party Chat, and in-game chat for Sea of Thieves. You should now be able to play Sea of Thieves without issue. Thanks for sticking with us, we’ll continue updating you here and on our status page.” While there is not much that can be done if the error is on the end of Microsoft servers, there are a few ways to fix the issue in other situations. Let us take a look at some of the ways to fix the Xbox Party Chat Down issue.

How To Fix The Xbox Party Chat Down Issue?

There are a number of reasons that can cause the Xbox Party Chat to not work. Depending on the reason, players may be able to fix the issue on their own. Issues like loose cables or connectivity errors at the player’s end can be easily fixed. However, if there is a server issue with Microsoft, there’s not much that players can do to resolve it. Now, without further delay, let us dive into some of the fixes that players can implement to fix the Xbox Party Chat not working.

1 Check The Xbox Status Site

There is no way to fix the problem if it is occurring due to an issue with the Microsoft servers. To check the server status as well as ongoing issues with Xbox, check the Xbox Live Status. This will give players the status of all Xbox features and their functionality. If a certain issue is occurring due to server errors, it will be listed here. However, if the problem isn’t listed here and Xbox has not acknowledged an error on their behalf, players might look at some of the solutions listed below. Currently, the site shows that there is an issue with the Party Chat Audio Sign-in as well as the  Party Chat Text Sign-In. In such a case, players can only wait for the problem to be resolved from Xbox’s end.

Xbox Party Chat Down Fix 1

Xbox Party Chat Down Fix 2

2. Check The Microphone

One of the first things players must do if their Xbox Party Chat audio seems down is to check their microphones. Check that the Microphone is correctly connected to the controller. A loose connection can sometimes cause issues in the Party Chat. Also, players should take time to check if they have accidentally muted themselves. In such a case, fixing the Xbox Party Chat is as simple as players unmuting themselves. Unmuting the microphone will resolve the problem in this case.

Microphone muted Xbox Party Chat Not Working

3. Check The NAT Type

Players must ensure that their NAT (Network Address Translation) is set to open and is not Moderate or Closed. To check the Nat type, players should go to Xbox settings and select General. After this, players should go into Network Settings and check the NAT type. In case the NAT type is not shown, players can select Test NAT Type to find out. If the NAT Type is Closed or Moderate, players must change this to Open. If there is no option to do so, players must contact their ISP to resolve the issue.

NAT Type Xbox Party Chat Down

4. Check Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings can also interfere with the proper functioning of the Xbox Party Chat. Privacy Settings need to be altered to allow Xbox Party Chat to function properly. To edit the privacy settings, open Settings and go to the Account option. Here, select the Privacy & online safety option. Next, click Xbox privacy and select View Details & customize. Select Communication & Multiplayer. Enable all the options to Allow, Allow, Everybody, Everybody. This should resolve the Xbox Party Chat Down issue if it is due to privacy settings.

Privacy Settings Xbox Party Chat Down

5. Change Chat Volume

Sometimes the issue might be as simple as the audio output volume. It is easy to adjust the Party Chat Volume. Players simply need to go to Settings and then to the Party Chat option. Here, they can adjust the Party Chat volume till it is working according to their preference. Test the Xbox Party Chat after making these changes to see if it is working properly. It is a simple fix that is often overlooked by players looking for complicated reasons behind the chat not working properly. Moreover, players can similarly fidget with their Headset audio to ensure that it is not causing the problem.

Change Volume Xbox

6. Test Network Speed

Network Speed can also be a reason behind the Xbox Party Chat not working error. The Xbox Live has a minimum requirement of 3 Mbps download speed and 0.5 Mbps upload speed. If the network connection is below this, the audio can get distorted and start lagging. In case players want to check their Network Speed they can go to Settings and then select Network Settings. Further, players can choose to Test network speed and statics. Once the test is done, players will get a detailed network statistics report. If these are below the minimum requirement, the party chat will not function right. Players might have to contact their network provider to resolve this issue and upgrade their network plan if required.

Check Network Speed

7. Contact Xbox Support

If none of the above solutions fix the issue, players should contact the Xbox Support team. In order to ensure a speedy resolution, players should list the fixes they have already tried out when notifying Xbox Support. This will help them provide a speedy resolution to the issue and eliminate possible causes based on the fixes already been tried by the player. Players should ensure that the issue is not due to server errors before contacting the Support team.

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