Where to find Basilisk DMZ and complete Badge Of Honor

If you’re playing the new DMZ mode introduced with MW2 and Warzone 2, you’ll almost certainly be making your way through the plethora of Faction Missions that are made available to you. While a lot of these Missions task you to find specific items or complete contracts, the Badge Of Honor Mission actually asks you to locate a gun, the Basilisk, and get 13 headshots with it.

However, finding the Basilisk in DMZ is a bit of a tough ask as it’s certainly not as readily available as something like the 74u or the RPK. Below, we’ll be detailing exactly where to find a Basilisk in DMZ so you can get the Badge Of Honor Mission completed and get onto the next one.

Where to find Basilisk DMZ

So, as previously stated, the DMZ Basilisk isn’t a common weapon that you’ll find naturally out in the Al Mazrah plains.

The Basilisk DMZ location is actually within a Police Station which can cause some issues. The Police Station Armories can only be accessed if you have the key for them and therefore, you’re going to have to find that if you want the best chance of securing one. However, there is a chance that you can find a Basilisk in the regular sections of the Police Stations so if you have a search around there you may also be able to locate one.

There are two Police Stations in Al Mazrah, one in the northwest of Al Mazrah City, and another to the east of Al Sharim Pass, meaning you have at least two chances of finding a DMZ Basilisk. The Basilisk can be in a number of places within these areas but the more likely spots are either in a supply box or on the shelves.

Once you’ve found one, you’ll need to get 13 headshots to complete the Badge Of Honor mission so you might as well locate some non-armored AI, dispatch them quickly and head to the extract to secure what other loot you and your squad might have.

And there you have it, all the information you need on the Basilisk DMZ location. If you’re also stuck on finding the Black Mous Intel we have a guide on that, as well as the answer to how many players are in DMZ.

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