When is the next Dark and Darker playtest?

With the rise of looting and extraction games, there’s no surprise that more and more developers are jumping on the hype train. Dark and Darker, the latest addition to the genre, has caught the attention of many with its Tarkov-like mechanics but vastly different medieval setting. To coax players into trying this game, the developers have put out playtests in which those who are intrigued can jump in and get a feel for what the experience is like.

The Dark and Darker playtests however do not last long and those who manage to get the chance to play the game will leave wanting more and more. Below we’ll be discussing then the next Dark and Darker playtest will be as well as the Dark and Darker playtest end date so you can be sure you don’t miss out on some medieval extraction action.

When is the next Dark and Darker playtest?

The most recent Dark and Darker playtest began on October 28 and ended on November 2 which was a short but sweet timeframe. Luckily for those who are wanting more or are needing to get their first skeleton kill under their belts, you won’t have to wait long for the next Dark and Darker playtest.

The next Dark and Darker playtest will begin on December 16 at 11am your local time so you won’t have to wait long to jump into the game once again.

What is the Dark and Darker playtest end date?

You won’t have to wait an age to get your hands on another Dark and Darker playtest, and this time around, you’re not going to be disappointed by how long it is available for.

Contrary to the previous Dark and Darker playtest, this playtest end date will be longer than before, allowing you more time with the game, ending a whole week after its launch, ceasing on December 26. This is an extended date due to server fixes and bug issues as it was due to wrap up on December 23.

While this is a little frustrating for those that are wanting to get more looting done, this is likely to keep costs down on servers, allow for more feedback to be implemented faster, and to simply keep the hype going.

All that we can hope for is that Dark and Darker releases in a beta form so that we can get our hands on the game without an expiry date. We’ll be sure to update this guide as and when new information on playtests gets released though so you won’t be left in total darkness.

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