What Are The Gold PokeStops In Pokemon Go

Gold PokeStops reward players with items and coins.

Gold PokeStops are a fairly recent addition in Pokemon Go. They  were first introduced after the Dratini Community Day Classic. Ever since their appearance, players have been trying to figure out the Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go that reward them with mysterious coins and items. These PokeStops could also eventually reveal more about the mysterious ghost-type coin Pokemon Gimmighoul.

Let us find out more about them  below.

What Are The Gold PokeStops In Pokemon Go?


Gold PokeStops are not much different than the normal PokeStops when it comes to spinning them. If you spot a Gold PokeStop, you can approach it just like a normal PokeStop and spin for rewards. They will appear in gold instead of blue on the world map. It might be a bit difficult locating one if you live in a remote area. However, normally they are not very difficult to find.

When you spin a Gold PokeStop, it will give you all the usual rewards like items and Field Research. In addition, you will also get a mysterious gold coin labelled “????? Coin.” These indicates that the coins could eventually reveal more about the ghost-type coin Pokemon Gimmighoul whose Roaming form is apparently quite tricky to catch.

For now, very few details have been released regarding this Pokemon and players don’t know much apart from the its 2 forms: Chest and Roaming. This Pokemon appears and follows Trainers as they collect Gold coins in the overworld. These coins might be the key to their evolution. This has been hinted at but not confirmed by Niantic so far.

With more Field Research, players are sure to unravel this mystery in time. That is all  the information available on the Gold PokeStops right now. We hope this guide was helpful for you.

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