Virtual Villagers Origins 2: How To Make Rope

Rope is one of the craftable items that players can make in the crafting hut.

Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 is a simulation RPG where players must help their villagers survive on the Island of Isola. Players will need to craft, build, and farm to create their very own virtual village in the game. Crafting is an important skill and can be used to craft items like ropes, oil, paint, clay brick, fertilizers, or metal. In today’s guide, we will explain how players can create rope in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

How To Create Rope In Virtual Villagers Origins 2?


To craft anything in the game, players will first need to unlock and rebuild the crafting hut. To unlock the crafting hut, players need to complete Puzzle 3. Once this is done, players can drag a villager near the whale bones. The villager will take the bone to the research workbench. Now, players should drag another villager to the workbench to create a pickaxe. After this, players will need to drag a villager onto the pickaxe. This villager will then begin to chop off the root of the tree. The tree will die and leave an apple seed behind. Once the roots have been removed, players can use builders to rebuild the crafting hut.

Now that players have unlocked the crafting hut, they only need to find the required items to craft a rope. Crafting a rope requires 2 Vines. Players can gather vine near the waterfall, behind the unbuilt hut, or on the walls next to the cave. Once players have the Vines, they can follow the steps below to craft rope in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

  • Go to the crafting hut.
  • Select the crafting menu.
  • Add the Vines to the crafting pots.
  • Click on the craft button.
  • The rope will take 5 minutes to get ready.
  • After it is done, players can collect the rope from the crafting hut.

That is all there is to know about crafting rope in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

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