Virtual Villagers Origins 2: How To Make Ceramic?

Want to know how to make Ceramic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2? Refer to this guide.

While playing Virtual Villagers Origins 2, you have to solve various puzzles to advance in the game. While solving puzzles you will learn several activities in the game, including crafting. Crafting is an important skill to learn because you can forge a lot of resources that will come in handy further in the game. Well, in this guide, you will learn how to make Ceramic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

Before you start crafting Ceramic in VVO2, you should keep this one thing in mind, you have to first unlock the  Crafting Hut. You have to solve the third puzzle to obtain Crafting Hut. Read along with this guide to know more about crafting ceramic.

How to Make Ceramic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

make Ceramic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2

In order to make Ceramic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2, you need two things. Those things are

  • Limestone
  • Cement

Once you have these two materials, you can craft Ceramic easily. However, Cement and Limestone, are both important materials that need to be crafted. So, to learn the complete process of crafting ceramic, read along further. Below is the complete recipe to make Ceramic in VVO2,

First of all, Stone is an important resource in making both Limestone and Cement. And you can make Stone by combining Lava + Water. Once you have got Stone, combine it with Shells and you will have Limestone. You can find Shells easily on the shore. Cement can be made by mixing Stone + Clay together. In order to get Clay, you have to combine Red Earth + Water.

Now you know how to craft several resources to ultimately make Ceramic in Virtual Villagers Origins 2. As mentioned earlier, crafting resources can be useful in solving many puzzles. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you.

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