Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache Key location DMZ

sunken ship thiefs cache dmz

As we’re sure you’re aware, there are a bunch of hidden boxes, caches, and rooms for you to explore in DMZ if you have the right key. Once you’ve unlocked them you’ll gain access to various goodies like Gold Skulls and hopefully extract them for that sweet XP.

One particularly hidden location is the DMZ Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache which you certainly won’t stumble across by simply roaming the various POIs of Al Mazrah. Below, we’ll run you through the Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache Key location so that you can get it unlocked and secure what’s inside.

Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache Key location DMZ

As previously stated, the DMZ Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache is extremely tucked away somewhere you likely haven’t been.

To get to it, your first port of call is to immediately head to the bottom of the Al Mazrah. More specifically, go to the coastline between Sarriff Bay and the bottom of Al Samman Cemetary as the Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache is actually located in the sea itself. Once there, go out to sea either via boat or swimming.

You’re now looking for a half-sunken ship as the name of the Key suggests. If you’re struggling, it is shown on the map and looks like a small square. See the image below for the precise location.

where to find sunken ship thiefs cache dmz

Now you’ve made it there, move a little west as you’re looking for the front of the ship that is fully submerged in water. Again, see the map below for the exact spot.

sunken ship thiefs cache key location dmz

Now you’ve got the location, you’ll need to dive down and head into the sunken ship. On your immediate right once entering you should be able to see the Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache. Use your Key to unlock and get the loot. Be careful though when doing this as you don’t have unlimited breath underwater so you will start to take damage if you’re down there too long.

And there you have it, the DMZ Sunken Ship Thief’s Cache Key location laid out nicely for you. If you’re also having trouble finding the Mawizeh Resort Main Building Key location, Mawizeh Cell Shop Key location, or the Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key location, read our guides for all the info.

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