Subway Surfers: How To Get Event Coins?

Want to know how to get Events Coins in Subway Surfers? Check this guide out.

Subway Surfers has evolved quite a lot since the time of its release. Earlier, there used to be only two currencies in the game namely, Coins and Keys. But, now there has been an addition in the currencies. In order to learn more about Event Coins in Subway Surfers and how to collect them, read along with this guide.

How to Get Event Coins in Subway Surfers?

Event Coins in Subway Surfers

Events Coins in Subway Surfers are nothing but tokens that can be obtained in the game. In order to get those coins, you need to play the game. Fortunately, there are more than one ways to get those and they are mentioned below.

  • Watch Ads in Offers
  • Complete Daily High Score
  • Daily Free Mystery Box
  • Events

Watch Ads in Offers

If you want to get Event Coins in Subway Surfers without any hassle, this method is probably the best one yet. Watch the ads in the Offers tab and get event coins. Although, the offers keep changing so check out if the event coins are available. If they are, do collect them by watching ads before you run out of time.

Complete Daily High Score

The Daily High Score is a new aspect added in the Events tab of the game. You have to play and complete the mission assigned to you in the Events and you will receive them as rewards.


You can participate in several events such as Daily High Score and others to get Event Coins in the game. Also, in order to access the Events tab, you have to be above x4 Score Multiplier. If you aren’t eligible to access the Events yet, play the game and increase the score multiplier.

Daily Free Mystery Box

You can get the event coins in Daily Free Mystery Boxes or Mini Mystery Boxes. Log in to the game every day and stand a chance to get Event Coins in Subway Surfers.

Once you have got the Event Coins, you can use the coins to unlock exclusive characters, their outfits, and even Token Boosts (x24 hrs). Apart from that, the Event Coins are available only for a limited time. Once the time is up, the remaining event coins will automatically turn into coins that you can use in the game.

This is all you need to know about getting those coins in the game. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you.

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