Should you stab Gene in High On Life?

should you stab gene high on life

High On Life asks you to complete some pretty interesting tasks as the world’s newest bounty hunter. It also sometimes questions your morals, giving you options to take, with one or the other potentially defining your adventure.

One such decision that you’re offered is whether to stab Gene or not, your first ‘friend’ when touching down in Blim City. Below, we answer the question of if you should stab Gene in High On Life so you know whether to press that all-important button or not.

Should you stab Gene in High On Life?

When you get Knifey the knife, defeat 9 Torg, and get the dodge mechanic, you’ll be speaking to Gene in your home when Knifey goes, let’s say, full murder mode yet again, and wants you to stab Gene. This is something that Knifey talks about ever since you first pick it up, giving the old bounty hunter his dues after abandoning him, leaving him in the hands of 9 Torg’s cronies.

So, when you get presented with the option of stabbing Gene in High On Life, many have been wondering if you should go for it because everyone else you’ve done a little stabbing to at this point has died pretty instantly.

high on life stab gene or not

If you do choose to stab Gene, you’ll actually unlock an achievement called Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds for 20 Gamerscore which you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. So, if you are an achievement hunter and want to get all the Gamerscore possible from High On Life, you’ll have to listen to your very blood-hungry friend and give Gene a little poke.

Thankfully, Gene doesn’t die from this and you’ll just carry on the story as normal.

And there you have it, in our eyes, there’s literally no harm in stabbing Gene. Well, apart from him sporting a new scar that is. Not to mention you’ll get an achievement for doing so.

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