Roblox The Survival Game Map v1.3.4

Roblox The Survival Game Map – Farming Locations, Points of interest, Crashed Imperial Ship 15 Locations, Desert Maze Path and even more

In some cases the map is very interesting to locate and know which direction to take. But in the case of the Simple Games Incorporated game it is simply indispensable. It is very wide and there are many key locations that are very difficult to find on your own, you will see how easy everything becomes with this map

Roblox The Survival Game Map – Full Map

Super high resolution map, click the map once to enlarge, and click a second time to get the highest resolution and great detail

Map Credits: UndoneBuilder#1933

On the map, in addition to all the points of interest, you can find all the locations to farm marked with colors:

  • Hostile NPCs
  • Passive NPCs
  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Iron (Ingredient for Steel)
  • Land Marks
  • Is Underground
  • Easter Eggs (Badges)

And even locations and routes for some quests and mazes:

  • Crashed Imperial Ship 15 Locations
  • Desert Maze Path

Bluesteel Update

The map includes everything new from the Bluesteel Update

  • All New Bluesteel Ore Tier!
  • Shipwreck Events Every 45 Mins! (Does not spawn in private servers)
  • New Armor, Weapons, Crafting Table, Tools, Etc!
  • Bows Slow You Down While Equipped!
  • Lots Of Exploit Patches!

Can you survive in a medieval world? Find food, build shelter, form kingdoms with other players… be the one to survive!

Roblox The Survival Game Map – Biomes

Ocean: The Ocean, which spans the whole coastline and divides the other biomes into discrete areas, is the largest biome on the map. Despite its size, this biome does not yet have any distinctive characteristics or a large amount of fauna.

Grasslands: The Grasslands, which occupy more than half of the map, are the largest land-biome. Large meadows and pine and oak wood woods are its distinguishing features. This biome is home to a wide variety of vegetation, such as wheat, carrots, berries, shrubs, and mushrooms, as well as a wide variety of wildlife, such as boars, deer, and chickens. Additionally, the Grasslands have a number of sizable mountain formations and caverns that are home to valuable ore reserves like iron, stone, coal, and even copper. The Grasslands also have noteworthy landmarks including unusual stone formations and monuments.

Desert: The second-largest biome, comprising around one-fourth of the map, is the desert. Only two elephants are known to live in this biome, which has a limited amount of animals. The absence of trees, with palm trees serving as the primary source of wood, is another characteristic of the Desert. Two prominent landmarks can be found in the Desert: an underground temple and an oasis. Copper, coal, and iron ore resources can be found at the temple.

Jungle: The largest Moai sculpture and a waterfall may be found in the Jungle biome, despite it being the smallest on the map. Trees that are unique to the jungle and are related to other tree types can be found here.

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