Roblox: How To Find & Get Potion Marker In Find The Markers

Wondering how to get a potion marker, this article will help you.

This is a hard-level marker, finding it is not difficult but getting it is hard. You’ll need to create 5 potions in an orderly manner. In this article, we’ll find out how you can find and get potion marker in Roblox Find the Markers.

Where to Find Potion Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Potion Marker Roblox

Witch Tower

  • Head to the clock tower and climb on it.
  • It will take to the Washable Kingdom, once there turn around and look for a witch tower, it is at the edge of the kingdom.
  • Climb up the stairs, on top you’ll see a cauldron and several ingredients placed on the different tables, press E to activate the cauldron.
  • Now ingredients will glow according to the order they should be placed in.


  • There is a total of three tables full of ingredients.
  • The first table has water (inside a white bottle), leaves ( blue color boxes), berries (four color balls) and dirt in it.
  • The Second table has periwinkle (five white spots), charcoal (big black balls), thistle ( light yellow color cones), and bloxy cola on it.
  • The third table has only one ingredient, lemon.

Potion 1

  • Take dirt, at the end of the table, then take some leaves, it’s beside the water.
  • Now you’ll have to take water, next is periwinkle and last is thistle.
  • Your potion will automatically get created after you have gathered all the ingredients in the following order.

Potion 2

  • First take some berries, then water.
  • After that take some thistle, charcoal and finally periwinkle.

Potion 3

  • Start with lemons, they are kept alone.
  • Then take some cola, berries, periwinkle, and charcoal.

Potion 4

  • The first ingredient is Cola, then you’ll need leaves and lemon.
  • The fourth ingredient is a thistle and then lastly dirt.

Potion 5

  • This is your last potion, for this you’ll need some berries, water, charcoal, lemon and lastly cola.
  • Once you are done with it, the marker will appear inside the cauldron.

In this article you found out how to find and get potion marker in Roblox Find the Markers, now check out how to mass delete friends.

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