River City Girls 2 All Godai’s Blueprints Locations – Heart Reactor

River City Girls 2 All Godai’s Blueprints Locations – Heart Reactor – Auditorium, Abandoned Trainyard, Back Alley, Food Court 


To get the Heart Reactor you just have to find the 4 blueprints, we show you how and where to get them

River City Girls 2 All Godai’s Blueprints Locations – Full List

There are x4 Blueprints and these are their locations:

Auditorium Godai’s Blueprint Location

You can find your first fragment of a blueprint in the River City High Auditorium, which is also where you discovered the knife note. On the extreme left side of the room, it is perched on the balcony. Get a quick running start, jump onto the building prop on the left side of the stage, and leap to the balcony. The Speed Runners attachment can help if you’re having problems making the jump.

Abandoned Trainyard Godai’s Blueprint Location

Top-left of the area, on a truck bed, is where the blueprint is located, but stacked tires have totally hidden that location. Use the abandoned trainyard’s northern exit to reach the Overgrown Zoo, and then jump up to the very top left of that scene. Holding down the light attack button adjacent to the top wall will open a hidden door that will take you to the isolated area of the abandoned trainyard where the blueprint is located.

Back Alley Godai’s Blueprint Location

If you’ve already explored the Downtown district’s secret location, you can obtain this blueprint piece in the same method. Performing a wall leap off the AC unit on the wall above the entrance, if you haven’t already, requires you to descend to the bottom of the scene with the blue couch. If you do it correctly, you’ll fall on the overhead power line and be able to climb the building on the top floor to the left, where the blueprint is located on the fire escape. While you’re up there, remember to keep light attack held in front of the fire door to enter the hidden space!

Food Court Godai’s Blueprint Location

The final blueprint is located in the Food Court of the mall’s concealed second floor. Take a seat on a bench and move it to the eastern exit, which is in front of the sports goods store. Set it down, leap atop it, and then use the additional height to jump up a wall and onto the second story. On the right side, directly beneath the large NOIZE billboard, is the blueprint.

River City Girls 2 All Godai’s Blueprints locations – Video Guide

Finally we leave you this video guide of Shadiochao with all the locations

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