PVS Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, & More

PVS Gaming is a YouTube channel that creates FF MAX related videos.

PVS Gaming is a popular YouTube channel that creates Free Fire MAX related content for its viewers. The channel has built a steady viewer base with 2.47 million subscribers and over 300 million views. For those curious to know more about PVS Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, or income, we will answer all these queries in this article.

PVS Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats, & More


The content creator behind PVS Gaming is Dr. Hariraman. He also has a second channel, PVS Army, which has 685K subscribers. Apart from YouTube, Dr. Hariraman has also ventured into Esports. He is the CEO of the PVS Gaming Esports team. Let us find out more about PVS Gaming’s FREE Fire MAX ID and IGN below.

PVS Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID & IGN

PVS Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID is 63725581. His IGN is PVS Gaming. Let’s take a look at his stats below. Dr. Hariraman is also a member of the PVS Army guild in Free Fire MAX. The ID for the guild is 65165738.

Lifetime stats

PVS Gaming has played 1208 solo matches and won 111 times. With 3847 eliminations, he has acquire a K/D ratio of 3.51.

Having participated in 1029 duo matches, PVS Gaming has won 166 times. He has accumulated 2294 eliminations for a K/D ratio of 2.66.

The content creator has won 2626 matches out of 12597 squad matches. His has secured 33045 take down for a a K/D ratio of 3.31.

Ranked stats

PVS Gaming has participated in a single Free Fire MAX solo match but failed to secure a win. He has scored 2 kills for a K/D ratio of 2. He has also participated in 5 squad matches and won 2 of them.

CS stats

The content creator has competed in 3190 Clash Squad games with 1808 wins. He has 14650 kills with a KDA of 1.62.

PVS Gaming’s Income

According to Social Blade, the estimated monthly income for PVS Gaming is between $1.7K to $26.9K. The estimated yearly income for the channel is between $20.1K to $322.4K.

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