PS5 Controller Not Responding: How To Fix It?

There are a number of reasons that can lead to a PS5 controller not working properly

Players encountering the PS5 controller not responding issue need to look no further to find a fix. Today, we will discuss how players can fix an unresponsive PS5 controller and the underlying causes for it. There are a number of reasons that can lead to a PS5 controller not working properly. It can occur when the controller accidentally syncs with a different device or there are problems with the device’s Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, problems with USB-C Cable and USB ports can also be the cause behind a PS5 controller not responding. Players could also be experiencing a malfunctioning PS5 because there are some issues with the controller’s internal hardware or if it has outdated firmware. These are some of the issues that can contribute to a PS5 controller freezing up. Let us look below at some of the ways to fix the situation.

How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Responding?

Sync The Controller

  • Turn on the system.
  • Plug in the console with a USB cable.
  • Next, Plug in the controller with the USB-C end.
  • Press the PS button on the controller.
  • Once the light on the controller turns blue, it indicates that the system has been synced with the controller.

Different USB-C Cable

If the PS5 Controller is still not responding, try using a different USB-C cable to fix the issue.

USB Ports

Ensure that the USB ports are in working order. Check for things that might be interfering with the proper functioning of the port. Even a small amount of dust can sometimes hinder a USB Port from working properly. Also, check that the USB cable is securely connected to the port. Try using an alternative USB port to be certain that the problem is not due to a port error.

Remove Added Devices

If there is any device attached to the controller, disconnect them before attempting to use the controller again.

No Bluetooth Interference

To make sure that the PS5 controller is not having Bluetooth issues move closer to the PS5 while connecting wirelessly. Also, remove any devices that could be interfering with the signal. In addition, unsync the controller from any other devices.


  • Turn off the console by pressing down the power button. Turn it back on to check if the issue is resolved.
  • Factory Reset: If nothing else is working try a factory reset to solve the PS5 controller not responding issue. For this, you will need to press the Reset button located on the back of the controller inside a tiny opening.

PS5 Controller Not Responding



Make sure that the PS5 system is completely updated. If not, you can update them from the System Software Update and Settings.

Replace Battery

One of the reasons the PS5 controller might not be responding is because there’s a problem with the battery. You might need to get a replacement battery.

These are all the fixes that players can try if the PS5 controller is not working. For more PS5 updates, click here

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