Plastic Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass: Which Is Better?

We rate both these screen protectors on various parameters

Plastic Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass: Which One To Choose?


Both plastic and tempered screen protectors have their merits and demerits. Lest us take a look at some basic factors to take into consideration when deciding between the two options.


The cost of a plastic screen protector will be less. Depending on the kind of tempered glass users get, the difference between the cost can be quite a lot. Users could easily buy multiple plastic screen protectors at the cost of a single tempered glass protector. So, as far as cost goes plastic screen protector is the more economical option.


The most important factor to consider when deciding between Plastic Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass is the durability. Plastic screen protector is a lot thinner and is quite easy to scratch. However, tempered glass protector isn’t scratched easily. It can break but the surface is much more resilient than plastic. Therefore, users looking for resilience should opt for tempered glass.


Once the screen is covered with a screen protector it will have a different feel to that of the actual screen. H0wever, a tempered glass protector is much smoother and feels more natural than a plastic screen protector. Also the chances of bubbles appearing in a plastic screen guard are quite high. This can ruin the browsing experience for many viewers. In this case, tempered glass offers a smoother experience.


Plastic is much thinner than a tempered glass protector and is quite uninstructive. On the other hand, tempered glass is very visible. In addition, if the tempered glass is too thick, it can cause interference with the touch screen. Users might find it harder to press buttons and experience slower response time. Plastic screen protector offers a better experience for this criteria.


If users are not getting their screen protectors installed when buying, they will also have to keep in mind which screen protector will be easier to install. A plastic screen protector is more difficult to apply than a tempered glass one. Users will have to avoid or remove all the air bubbles when applying a plastic screen protector. However, a tempered glass protector can just be peeled and pasted without much fuss. Therefore, a tempered glass protector clearly takes this win.


Tempered Glass performs better in 3 of our 5 categories.

In the end, we would suggest that users go with a tempered glass protector as it is much more resilient, smooth, and durable. It might cost a little more but it will also last much longer and stay undamaged. Meanwhile, a plastic screen protector will scratch easily and ruin the look of the screen. In addition, if it gets air bubbles users will find it quite hard to smoothen out the surface again.

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