Pizza Tower All Secrets

Pizza Tower All Secrets – Mansion Secret, Old tower Secret (room & treasure), Mr Car Treasure and John Gutter x3 Secrets


Pizza Tower All Secrets – Mansion Secret

A large room called The Mansion Secret houses a complete study and hundreds of enormous portraits of strangers. You can access the Staff Only chamber, where The Mansion Secret is situated, by launching yourself up a tube at the very top of the ceiling (found on an elevated section of the Staff Only room). You’ll discover a doorway to the room after you reach that level.

Pizza Tower All Secrets – Old Tower Secret

Secret Room

The Old Tower Secret, which can be found in the Tower Lobby, may be the most bizarre hidden room to date. A large stone head is lying on the floor in the chamber, and other odd animals are gathered around it. By breaking through the medium-height wall next to the portal/doorway on the room’s far right, you can access the Old Tower Secret.

Secret Treasure

Tower Secret Treasures are optional collectibles that, when acquired, award the player with 3000 Pizza Points. They must be unlocked by Gerome because they are in janitor rooms.

Pizza Tower All Secrets – Mr Car Secret

The Mr. Car secret room is intriguing since it gives the game a fresh character. Mr. Car is discovered sitting in the midst of a room with a city backdrop, looking quite depressed and distressed. Going to The Slum, racing to your left, and crashing through a medium-height wall will get you to Mr. Car.

Pizza Tower All Secrets – John Gutter Secrets

1st Secret: in the second room of the level’s second portion. A small passable wall and a bulge in the ceiling are present below. To access the secret, the player must super jump in the center of that bulge.

2nd Secret: in the second room of the level’s third portion. To unlock the secret, one must ground-pound on a white eye mark on the floor.

3rd Secret: Located in the vertical room during Pizza Time. On one of the platforms, there is some available room. To find the secret, the player must accelerate to Mach 3 and crash against a wall with cracks in it.

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