No Man’s Sky: How To Find Crashed Ships

Here are different ways to locate a crashed Ship in the game.

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game where players can explore several planets on their adventure. All planets have certain Points of Interest like ruins, abandoned stations, or crashed ships. In today’s article, we will discuss how players can find crashed ships in No Man’s Sky. While players can just fly around looking in search of these crashed ships, there are better ways to locate these POIs.

How To Find Crashed Ships In No Man’s Sky?


There are multiple ways to locate crashed ships in the game. We have listed these methods below.


Players can use the Nautilon Exocraft to scan for crashed ships underwater. All players need to do is find a water body and then scan it with the Nautilon. Players will soon start to find plenty of crashed ships in the game.

Transmission Towers

Players can solve the puzzles at the Transmission Towers to get a Distress Signal. If players are lucky, they may also find the location of a crashed ship after solving the number puzzles. Transmission Towers can be found with an Inhabited Outpost Planetary Chart.

Starship Scope

Players can also use their Starship scope to locate crashed ships. To locate a crashed ship, players should keep checking for red dots on their  Starship Scope. These indicate a crashed ship or freighter.

Planetary Charts

Players can get Navigation Data by using Planetary Charts. This is slightly less reliable as players have no way of knowing that the POI displayed in the Navigation Data is a crashed ship. However, it is still a good method to find a Point Of Interest in the game. Once players have located a crashed ship, they can choose to repair, scavenge, trade or scrape the ship.

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