NFS Unbound: How long to beat

The Need For Speed games over the years have had various twists and turns both in terms of quality, story elements, and gameplay mechanics to keep the franchise as fresh as it can be. NFS Unbound looks to take you back to the Most Wanted days with fast, thrilling cop chases alongside a well-thought-out story arc, albeit with a whole new look.

Below, we’ll detail exactly how long NFS Unbound takes to beat so you can be fully aware as to what you’ll be getting yourself into if you choose to load up Unbound and do a little law-breaking.

How long to beat NFS Unbound

If you’re on the edge about whether to pick up NFS Unbound, or are making your way through the streets of Lakeshore City and want info on how many hours you’ve got left to enjoy the game, you’re going to want to know how long NFS UNbound takes to beat.

On average, the NFS Unbound main story will take you approximately 12-14 hours to beat which is pretty lengthy in comparison to some other AAA games, and far outweighs the usual for games in the racing genre.

If you’re more of a trophy/achievement hunter or someone who literally can’t put a game down without picking up all of the collectibles, then you’ll likely be able to squeeze 19 hours out of NFS Unbound.

Moreover, all of these timescales also depend on your driving skill so if you’re new to racing games or haven’t played an NFS game before, thus not being aware of the mechanics, it could take you much longer to beat Unbound.

That’s all you need to know for how long to beat NFS Unbound! If you want to speed that process up, you’ll likely want to know the NFS Unbound infinite money glitch so check our guide out on that!

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