Monster Legends: How To Breed Tartarus?

Breeding this Epic monster can be a challenge in the game.

Monster Legends is a strategic battle game where players can breed, train, and battle their monsters. The game offers monsters of various different elements and rarities. Tartarus is an Earth and Magic type monster available in Monster Legends. This Epic rarity monster can be quite hard to breed in the game.

Players will need to be patient if they want to get this monster. We have explained the best method to breed this dragon in the game.

How To Breed Tartarus In Monster Legends?


Tartarus is a powerful monster that is resistant to Earth attacks. However, the monster is vulnerable when facing Dark monsters. Tartarus becomes available for breeding once players have reached Level 25 of Monster Legends. However, since it is an epic monster the chances of successfully breeding it with any combination of monsters is low.

Players will have a better chance to breed Tartarus  if they use Earth and Magic type monsters as parents though. If both the parent monsters are Earth and Magic, players will have the best chance of breeding Tartarus successfully.

For example, if players use monsters like Terracrank and Duchess, they will have the best shot. Even after this, there is only a 5% chance that the breeding will result in a Tartarus. However, players can always sell the monsters that they don’t need and keep breeding to get the monster they want. If players use one Earth monster and one Magic monster, they might still succeed but their chances drop lower to 2.5%.

Once players successfully breed a Tartarus, it will require 1 day and 13 hours of hatch time. After this, players will get a Baby Tartarus that they can raise up to be formidable fighter.

That is everything about how players can breed a Tartarus in Monster Legends.

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