Merge Mansion: How To Get The Broom Cabinet?

Here’s how players can create the Cabinet in the game.

Merge Mansion is a game that provides an intriguing storyline combined with the merge mechanics of the game. Players are tasked with renovating the mansion while also figuring out the mysteries surrounding it. There are a bunch of items that can help players get the most out of the game. One such item is the Broom Cabinet which gives out great rewards when fully leveled up. In this guide, we will explain how players can get their own Broom Cabinet in Merge Mansion.

How To Build A Broom Cabinet In Merge Mansion?


The Broom Cabinet is an item that players can get by merging level 1 Bolts and Screw till the eight merge. However, players can further merge the items to get a Professional Broom Cabinet for maximum rewards. To start off, players will need level 1 Bolts and Screw which can be found in the Fancy Blue Chests. Players can also get this item from the shop. However, since it is a Starter item, it is quite likely that players will find it across the board without much difficulty.

Players will start merging the Level 1 Bolt and Screw to get a Handle. These Handles can be merged to create Bolts, Screws, and Handles. Players can further merge these items and get a Door. Doors can then be merged to create a Cabinet Frame. At this stage, players will start receiving drop rewards from the items. A Cabinet Frame gives 1 XP Star, Cleaning Tools, and Detergent as drop rewards. When players merge Cabinet Frames, they will get Cabinet I. Cabinet I will further merge into Cabinet II. Players will get Broom Cabinet by merging Cabinet II. Next, players can merge the Cabinet II to get Boosted Broom Cabinet. In the end, the Boosted Broom Cabinet can be merged to get the Professional Broom Cabinet. This is the last level for the Broom Cabinet.

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