Is there High On Life character creation?

does high on life have character creation

High On Life is a game with not only a variety in enemy types but also the strange and vibrant worlds you visit. Because of this, many have been wondering whether there is character creation in High On Life to see if you too can partake in making some weird and wonderful people to live in this wacky world.

Below, we provide all the information you need on whether High On Life has character creation or if you’re simply thrown in as a generic average Joe. Let’s get into it.

Is there High On Life character creation?

When you first boot up High On Life, you’re thrown into a 90s Doom-like game but this is to simply give you an idea of the controls. After this, you zoom out of the computer screen and into the ‘real world’. This is where High On Life character creation comes in. Or shall we say lack thereof…

high on life character creation

Basically, there is no High On Life character creation in the game. What you can do though is select a character based on the preset choices made available when your sister is offering you an interesting substance. You see your ‘reflection’ in the ‘mirror’ and allows you to select one of a few characters. These characters do offer up some variation in ethnicity but there is a huge amount, and we would prefer that there were more options to choose from.

And that’s all there is to it. While it’s a little disappointing that there isn’t character creation in High On Life, you don’t see your character in-game anyway due to its first-person nature so it’s not too much of an annoyance.

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