Is The Forest cross platform or cross play?

Is The Forest cross platform? A question on many a gamer’s lips thanks to its multiplayer functionality. As many games of today have the ability to play with both friends and randoms cross platform, between new gen and previous gen consoles, as well as PC, any new game that has an imminent release should possess cross platform play.

However, this is not always the case, and there are development snags that can take place to make cross platform play a difficult thing to implement. Today, as previously stated, we’ll be discussing if The Forest cross platform play is available so you can enjoy the experience with as many gamers as possible.

Is The Forest cross platform or cross play?

Sadly, The Forest is not cross platform, putting a firm restriction on you playing with your friends that are on either a different console or PC depending on what device you have. This is definitely frustrating and something that would have definitely improved the longevity of the game, potentially resulting in long wait times when many start to lose interest.

There are no plans to bring cross platform to The Forest either, so there’s no need to get those hopes up at all at this current time. However, development plans do change frequently so if we hear of any potential cross platform functionality on the horizon we’ll be sure to update this guide.

Overall, it is a shame that The Forest doesn’t have cross platform or cross play, severely limiting your fun in the long run. However, you can still go out and enjoy The Forest in all its multiplayer glory even if you will be getting matched up with more and more of the same people as the player base dwindles as the years go by.

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