IRCTC Servers Down: How To Fix Website Not Working Issue?

Here are multiple ways to fix IRCTC website not working problem in 2022.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a website or application run by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. There are tons of users throughout the country who use IRCTC apps or sites to get their train tickets, catering and tourism services booked online. Unfortunately, a lot of Indian users are currently having issues while using the IRCTC applications or sites.

Since neither the website nor its application is working smoothly for tons of users, a lot of users are wondering if IRCTC servers are down and if not then how to check its server status right now.

If you are dying to get your train tickets booked on IRCTC but the website or application is not working for you then look no further as we have got you covered. This post will not only explain how to fix the IRCTC website not working issue but also teach you how to check its server status.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Are IRCTC Servers Down?

Yes, IRCTS servers are down at the moment. When we tried to book a Railway ticket online on the IRCTC website, the website was not loading and then we found out that the servers of the website are down right now. There are tons of users who have recently been searching for ways to fix the IRCTC website not working problem but if the servers of the site are down then none of the technical methods is going to fix this issue. Whenever the IRCTC website not working for you then the first and foremost thing you should do is check its server status.

To check the server status of the IRCTC website, you will have to visit the official Twitter handle of the site. Twitter is the easiest and fastest way to know everything about this platform. Once you are on the Twitter page of the site, you will have to check the latest tweet posted by the operator of the site.

If they are aware of the issue that IRCTC users are having at the moment, they shall put a tweet informing fans that they are aware of the ongoing connection or server issues and are trying their best to fix them as quickly as possible.

When we visited the site, we were greeted with a message that says:

‘Due to maintenance activity e-ticketing server is not available. Please try later. For cancellation/file TDR, please call at customer care no. 0755-6610661,0755-3934141 or mail at [email protected]

IRCTC Website Not Working Fix

How To Check IRCTC Server Status?

Checking the server status of IRCTC is too easy. All you need to do is visit Downdetector. You can also visit the page by clicking on this link. Once you are on the site, you will be shown a graph showcasing the number of complaints the website has received in the last 24-hour.

IRCTC Server Status

If the number of complaints is high then it means the servers of the IRCTC website or app are down right now. You can see that a lot of users are complaining about the site right now.

How To Fix IRCTC Not Working Issue In 2022?

If the servers of the IRCTC website are not up and you are having a connection issue while booking your Railway ticket in India then you must apply the following methods to fix this issue.

Method 1: Update The Application

The first method to fix the IRCTC connection issue requires players to update the application. If there is an update available to the application and you have not updated the app yet you are bound to encounter connection or server related issues. This might be a common solution but a lot of players reported that this method worked for a lot of users and if you have not tried it yet then I recommend you to give it a try.

Method 2: Remove & Reinstall The App

The second method that can be used to fix the IRCTC connection issue needs you to uninstall and reinstall the app. Once you are done uninstalling it, download the app from its official site and install it again. Once installed, launch the IRCTC app and see if the error remains.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked for you are still having the same connection issue then servers of the site or app must be down right now.

That’s all you need to know about the IRCTC website not working issue in 2022.

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