How To Use XL Candy In Pokemon GO

Find out how to use XL Candies to evolve Pokemon to Level 50.

Pokemon Go often brings new and exciting items for players to step up their gameplay experience. The XL Candy was an item that allowed players to level up their Pokemon beyond Level 40. With the help of these candies, the level cap was increased to 50 instead. Players need to feed the XL Candy to their Pokemon to raise their level in Pokemon Go. Let us find out how to use this candy in the game.

How To Use XL Candy In Pokemon GO?


The XL Candy is only available to players once they’ve reached Level 31. To use the XL Candy, players can follow the steps given below.

  • Open Pokemon Go and go to the menu section.
  • Select the Pokemon and click the Evolve button. It will be highlighted if players have enough XL Candy for that specific Pokemon.
  • If there are enough candies, the Pokemon will evolve.
  • Players will need Stardust along with XL Candy and regular candy if they want to get to Level 50 instantly.

How To Get XL Candy In Pokemon GO?

There are multiple ways to  get the XL Candy in the game. Players can catch unevolved Pokemon to receive a small amount of XL Candy. Alternatively, catching evolved, Legendary or Mythical Pokemon can give players a lot more Candy. In addition, catching a Raid BossTrading, and hatching eggs also gives players a chance to get XL Candy.

These are not the only options to get XL Candy in the game. Players can also transfer their Pokemon to Professor Willow in exchange of Candy. If players walk a certain distance with their buddy Pokemon, they receive the Candy as a reward. Lastly, players can also convert regular Candy to XL Candy. They will get 1 XL Candy in exchange for 1000 regular candies. Since regular  candy can be found easily in the game, it is a good option to utilize them well.

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