How To Unlock ZRG 20mm In COD Mobile Season 8

Here’s how to unlock ZRG 20mm in Call of Duty: Mobile Train to Nowhere season.

Call of Duty: Mobile is ready to usher in Season 8 Train To Nowhere and players are excited about all the new content headed their way. In addition to the new Igniter BR class, players will also see some new weapons including the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle. This weapon can do a lot of damage to opponents in long-range combat. Players that are curious about how to get the weapon in CODM, should check out this guide.

How To Get The ZRG 20mm In CODM Season 8?


Players looking to unlock the ZRG 20mm in COD Mobile Season 8 will need to level up their battle pass to Tier 21. This weapon is available with the free pass of the game and players do not need a premium pass to get it. Players will just need to complete daily challenges and event missions to get battle pass XP. This will allows players to unlock more Tiers in the battle pass till they eventually reach Tier 21.

If players do not have the patience to go through the daily challenges and event missions, they can also use 2000 credits to unlock a tier of the battle pass. Players will have to spend 42,000 credits to get the ZRG 20mm this way in CODM Season 8.

This is a weapon that players might want to add to their arsenal. It deals heavy damage and offers fast bullet velocity. Players can get 1 shot kill by going for the head, shoulders, torso, and stomach of their opponent. It also deals high damage to vehicles and can be an overall asset for the players.

The stats for the ZRG 20mm in OCDM Season 8 are as follows:

  • Damage: 90
  • Fire Rate: 27
  • Accuracy: 62
  • Mobility: 34
  • Range: 62
  • Control: 40

This is everything that players need to know about unlocking the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile. For more CODM guides.

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