How To Unlock Fishing Rod In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fishes can be used to prepare meals or to earn extra coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation game where players can farm, mine, and explore the world with their favorite Disney and Pixar characters. When players start their journey in the game, they will be tasked with several introductory quests. These are meant as a tutorial for players. However, one of these quests is to get the Royal Tools. Some players might face a bit of a challenge when trying to find the fishing rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will explain how players can unlock this Royal Tool and the requirements to do so.

Where To Get A Fishing Rod In Disney Dreamlight Valley?


To get the fishing rod, players will have to find the pickaxe first. This tool is essential to break the rocks around the central steps. Once players have this tool, they can get a fishing rod in the meadow by the pond on the right side of the area on the map. However, to actually use the fishing rod, players will have to complete the Fishing Expedition quest. This quest is given by Goofy after players have located the fishing rod.

Players can use the fishing rod to fish in ponds located on the map. It is a useful tool as fish can be used to cook meals and reduce exhaustion. Moreover, players can also sell these fish to get some extra coins. To fish in the game, players need to observe the surface of the water. When they see bubbles on the surface of the water, it means that there are fishes in that area of the water body. A player must aim and throw the fishing rod in these areas to catch a fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If players successfully snare a fish, they will get the pull prompt. Now, players must quickly pull the fish out of the water before it escapes. Players can try different water biomes to catch different kinds of fish.

That is everything about getting a fishing rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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