How To Unhide A Song On Spotify?

Here is a quick guide to unhide a song on Spotify!

Looking for a way to hide or unhide songs on Spotify? If yes, then here is all you need to know! There are many Spotify users who end up hiding a particular song on Spotify and are unable to play it from their favorite artist’s albums. In that case, if you have also hidden any song purposely or by mistake and do not know how to recover it again then here is a quick guide for you.

Follow the simple steps written in the guide below to Unhide a song on your Spotify account.

Steps To Unhide A Song On Spotify?

It is very easy to hide a song and unhide it again whenever you want on Spotify. Before getting into steps to unhide a song let us first see how do you hide a song on Spotify.

How To Hide A Song?

Unhide A Song On Spotify

Spotify gives you an option to hide one or a few songs from an album. You can not only hide songs but can even block artists from playing in your queue. To hide a song or hide artists all the songs, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Spotify app on your Android, iOS mobile, or on desktop.
  2. Now click on the Search tab and search for an artist or the songs that you want to hide.
  3. Here you will see a list of songs or similar songs that you searched for.
  4. Now click on the three dots next to the song and look for the “Hide this song” option and click on it.
  5. Now this song will be added to the list of hidden songs in that album and will not be played on your Spotify account.

How To Unhide A Song On Spotify?

Unhide A Song On Spotify

Once you hide a song on Spotify you can find that song in the same album and unlock it following similar steps.

  1. Open Spotify on your device.
  2. Search for the album or the song that you have hidden
  3. Open the album and go to that song, it will be a little blurred than other songs.
  4. Click on the three-dot icon next to it and find the “Hidden” option in it.
  5. This will unhide your song from the list and will be available for you to play again.

Note: You can only hide songs by going to a particular album or the artist’s songs list and not by searching a song individually on Spotify.

This is everything you need to know about how to unhide a song on Spotify. Click on the link for more such guides that will help you understand all the different features in Spotify.

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