How To Throw Curveball In Pokemon GO

Curveballs can grant extra XP to players

Pokemon Go is a game where players can catch Pokemon in their surrounding areas. It can be quite tricky to catch a Pokemon if you don’t know how to throw correctly. This is especially an issue when the Pokemon you are trying to catch is more powerful that your level. However, throws like the Curveball can hedge the odds in your favor. In this guide, we will explain how you can throw a Curveball in Pokemon Go to catch them all.

How To Throw Curveball In Pokemon GO?


Curveballs are not only a great way to ensure that you catch the Pokemon of your choice, they also grant extra XP when executed correctly. You can follow the steps given below to throw a curveball.

  • Once you spot a Pokemon in your vicinity and try to capture it, hold the Pokeball and rotate it in a circle. The ball will begin to spin if it has been rotated correctly.
  • Now when you throw the ball it will curve in the direction you rotated it. If you rotated the Pokeball clockwise, it will go right. Alternatively, if you rotated it anti-clockwise, it will curve to the left. If you want to hit the center, try to throw it in the opposite direction of the curve.

When you try to catch a Pokemon, there will be a circle indicating how hard or easy that Pokemon will be to catch. While Pokemon with a green circle are easy to catch, a red circle indicates that the Pokemon will be very hard to catch. You might get a green circle Pokemon with a simple throw but will need more complex shots like to get a red circle Pokemon.

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