How To Spin PokeStops In Pokemon GO

Find out how to spin PokeStops in Pokemon GO.

PokeStops are a great destination to pick up items like potionsPokeBallsRevives, and Pokemon Eggs. It is also a prime place to encounter some wild Pokemon as they are drawn to these spots. Players can also acquire Field Research tasks from these places. All in all, PokeStops are a major element in the game. This is why it is important to know how to spin PokeStops in Pokemon Go.

How To Spin PokeStops In Pokemon GO?


PokeStops are usually important spots in the area like statuespublic buildingsart installations, etc. Trainers can access PokeStops by being within the proximity range of the location. Once you are in the right range, the symbol on top of the PokeStop will change from a floating cube to a PokeBall. After this, you can follow the instructions given below to spin PokeStops in Pokemon Go.

  • Click on the PokeStop to bring up the Photo Disc.
  • Spin the circle in the middle and you will get a number of random items like XPEggs and Field Research tasks as rewards.
  • You can now tap these items and add them to your inventory.
  • Once you have Spun a PokeStop it will turn purple and you will not be able to use it until it resets. However, it only takes about 5 minutes for a PokeStop to reset. So, if you need to restock a lot of items, you can just wait till the PokeStop resets and claim them again. The PokeStop will turn Blue when its ready for use again.

While it is easy to find PokeStops in bigger cities, you might face some trouble locating a PokeStop in rural or distant areas. It is possible to request a PokeStop if you feel that one should be added near you.

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