How To Revive A General In Evony

Find out how players can bring back dead Generals in the game.

Evony is an MMO game where players must strategize and expand their empires. They must build armies to take on opponents and these armies are headed by Generals. However, what can players do if their General dies in battle? It is possible to revive a General if they fall during a battle in Evony. We will explain how players can do this in the game.

Evony: How To Revive A General?


Players need to have powerful Generals for their army to win battles and build their empires. To do this, players can try to increase General power in the game. In addition, players can also assign Spiritual Beasts like the Pegasus to their Generals to give them an advantage in battle. However, despite these measures, Generals can sometimes fall in battle so it is important that players know how to revive them.

If players want to revive a General that died in a battle in Evony, they must first locate the Shrine building on their map. After players have spotted it, they must click on it. Now, players can open the Save tab. The dead General will be present here. Players can now choose to revive their General from here. However, it will require some time before the General is revived and useable again. However, if players do not want to wait, they can also choose to revive their General instantly with Revival Stones.

While players do get Revival Stones from the main storyline, they are often not enough for multiple revivals. If players finish to instantly bring back their Generals repeatedly, they will have to purchase the Revival Stones from the in-game shop with money. It is better to just wait out the timer if players wish to conserve resources.

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