How To Power Up Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Find out how to build stronger Pokemon with Power Ups.

Pokemon Go is a game centered around catching, evolving, and battling Pokemon. To make your Pokemon better, you can also choose to power them up. Once you Power up, the Pokemon will have increased CP and HP making them stronger than before. Read through our guide below to understand the process of powering up in the game.

How To Power Up Pokemon In Pokemon GO?


You will require Stardust and Candy to Power Up. Once you have the required resources, follow the steps given below to Power Up.

  • Open the Main menu from the Map view.
  • Select the Pokemon option.
  • This will display a list of all the Pokemon you have caught so far. Select the one you want to Power Up.
  • Click on Power Up. If you have all the required resources, the Power up will now be implemented. You can see the amount of Candy and Stardust you require for the move next to the Power Up button. The stronger the Pokemon, the more it will cost to power them up.
  • You can also tap the plus button to Power Up multiple times.

How To Get Stardust And Candy?

Stardust can be acquired by catching Pokemon or hatching eggs in Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, you can get Candy by catchingtransferringhatchingevolvingtrading, or feeding your Pokemon. Each Pokemon has their own specific family Candy that will be required when powering them up. This means that you can obtain that type of Candy by catching any form of the Pokemon.

You can also use Candy XL to power up Pokemon to a higher CP than regular candy. While Candy XL is available through all the ways as a regular Candy, you also have the option of converting regular Candy into XL.

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