How To Get Wood In Farmville 3

Here’s how to get Wood in Farmville 3.

Farmville 3 is a farm simulation game where players can grow crops, raise animals, and build up their farms. However, often players will need resources to expand their farm, unlock new crops, or get new animals. One of the important resources that players will need to collect in FarmVille 3 is wood.

Wood can be used to construct buildings and expand a farm. Players will definitely need this resource if they want to grow their territory in the game. Let us find out how players can get it easily.

How To Collect Wood In FarmVille 3?


Players can get Wood by chopping down trees, stumps, or logs in the farm area.  In addition, players can also get Wood for removing certain types of debris littered around the farm.  However, players can only perform these actions till they have Energy. A player’s Energy is slowly consumed in the game as they perform tasks around the farm. Each task has a different Energy requirement.

While Energy regenerates over time, players might not be patient enough to wait as it is refilled. In such cases, players can choose to purchase Energy with Gems or watch an Ad to get extra Energy. Since Gems are quite useful and hard to come by, we recommend that players try to boost their Energy though an Ad instead. Once players level up, their Energy is fully restored. However, if players already had full Energy while leveling up, the Energy level will remain the same. Therefore, it is recommended that players try to use up all their Energy before they level up.

With sufficient Energy, players can just keep performing the activities mentioned above and they will some have collection of Wood in FarmVille 3.

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