How To Get Unbanned From Bumble?

Has your Bumble account been banned?

We will explain how to do so in this guide.

How To Get Your Bumble Account Unbanned?


There are two ways to get unbanned from Bumble. One is to make a Bumble ban appeal and the second is to create a new Bumble account. We will discuss both of these methods below. Users can attempt both and see which method works best for them.

Bumble Ban Appeal

Users can choose to make a Bumble ban appeal if they feel that their account has been banned without rightful cause. To do this, users can get in contact with the Bumble customer support team by filling up the contact form available on Bumble’s official website. Here, users can either choose the See why I was blocked or the Report a technical issue option for the subject. After this, users can fill out the complete form detailing why they think their account should be unbanned. Users can reinforce their point with screenshots or images if they have any.

After filling out the form appropriately, users can choose to “Send message”.  This will send their Bumble Ban Appeal forward. Users should receive a response to their appeal soon.

Create New Bumble Account

While the Bumble Ban Appeal is the only legitimate way to get an account unbanned on the app, there is another way to keep using the app. This is by creating a new Bumble account altogether. Users cannot reset their account in Bumble so even if they uninstall the app and re-install it, they will still not be able to access their old account. Therefore, users must use a new email id and login information to create a separate account on Bumble to use the app again.

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