How To Get The Axolotl Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb

Want to change the appearance of your follower to Axolotl, this article will help you.

Follower forms are those appearances that you can give to your followers while making them your disciple. The axolotl is one of the general follower skins that is unlocked by completing a side quest of delivery. In this article, you will find out how to get Axolotl follower form by completing the quest in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Get and Unlock Axolotl Follower Form in Cult of the Lamb

Axolotl Follower Form In Cult Of The LambImage Credit: Hopezera Gaming on YouTube

Find Crystal Shards in Anchordeep

  • To complete this quest, you are going to need 25 crystal shards which are found in Anchordeep.
  • Go to the travelling portal and pass through it, you will come to an area with a pillar in the middle, in front of you, you’ll see three doors.
  • Head to the left side door, Anchordeep, and press E to open the door.
  • To unlock this location it is a must to have 9 followers.
  • Once you enter the door, you’ll see two weapons, collect them.
  • Keep on going inside the dungeon until you find a blue crystal growing out of the ground.
  • Attack the crystal and take it.

Deliver It to the Lighthouse

  •  Now once you have acquired 25 crystal shards, head to teleporting portal.
  • Teleport to Pilgrim Passage, and walk towards the water body.
  • Beside the water you’ll see a fisherman, talk to him.
  • He’ll talk about fishing and then he’ll show you the location.
  • Lighthouse is in the Pilgrim Passage area, on the left side of the dock.
  • Go inside the lighthouse and approach the lighthouse keeper, he’ll talk for some time and then give you the form.
  • You’ll see a note saying “Acquired Follower Form“.

Change Into New Form

  • Now once you have acquired the form, it’s time to change the appearance of your followers.
  • Head to the place where new followers ask for teaching.
  • Choose “Indoctrinate into the cult”, then from the appearance section select “Choose Form“.
  • You’ll see all the forms that you have unlocked.
  • Choose the Axolotl form and click on the “Accept” button on the left bottom side of your screen.

In this article, you show how to get Axolotl follower form in Cult of the Lamb.

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