How To Get Peony Seeds In Merge Mansion

Here’s how players can find a Peony Seed in the game.

Merge Mansion is a match and merge puzzle game where players get to renovate their mansion, plant a garden, and uncover secrets. To progress through the game, players will need a lot of items. Peony Seeds can be used to create Peony Flowers in Merge Mansion. If players are curious about how to get these seeds in the game, they can take a look at our guide below.

Merge Mansion: How To Get Peony Seeds?


Merge Mansion has different flowers like Peonies, Orange, and Potted flowers. Players need to merge seeds for these flowers to create them. To get Peony Seeds in Merge Mansion, players will need to get level 6+ Vases. Such Vases can drop from the Drawer item. The Peony Seeds drop from these level 6+ Vases. In addition, players can also acquire Peony Seeds from the Shop.

Once players have the Peony Seeds, they can merge them to progress towards making a Peony Flower. However, there are a number of stages between a Peony Seed transforming into a Flower in Merge Mansion. Once players merge Peony Seeds, they will get a Seedling. Seedlings can be merged to get to Seedling stage 2. These stage two Seedlings further merge to create a Flower Bud. In addition, players will have to merge the Flower Buds to reach the Flower Bud stage 2. Finally, these items can be merged to create a Peony Flower.

A Peony Flower has the recharge time of 33 Min and 20 Sec. It has a stack of 4 Recharges. A Peony Flower can drop  XP Star (I) and Water Leaf. A Water Leaf can be merged to create a Ship in a Bottle.

That is how players can get Peony Seeds in Merge Mansion. We hope players found this guide helpful.

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