How to get MW2 Biohazard Konig skin

MW2 is certainly not short of things to unlock. You’ve got weapons, weapon camos, calling cards, and much more, hopefully keeping you enthralled for many months to come. One unlockable in particular though that players are keen to make their own is Operator skins.

While many of these Operator skins are pretty straightforward to unlock, the skin that many have been wondering how to get is the Biohazard Konig skin and below, we’ll provide all you need to know to get your hands on this rare cosmetic.

How to get MW2 Biohazard Konig skin

So, if you’re wanting that MW2 Biohazard Konig skin for yourself, you’re going to have to actually exit out of the traditional MW2 multiplayer and head into another of this year’s game modes – DMZ. Yes, that’s right, to get the Biohazard Konig operator skin, you have to play the all-new DMZ mode, and quite a lot of it.

To get the Biohazard Konig skin, you have to exfil one of the most precious items in DMZ a number of times – a Weapons Case. These are an incredibly valuable item and one that will alert all other enemy players if you pick it up so it’s no mean feat extracting with one Weapons Case, never mind multiple.

In fact, to unlock the Biohazard Konig skin, you’ll have to exfil seven times with a Weapons Case, which could require some serious hours to actually complete. This doesn’t have to be in back to back to back games so you can do this over an extended time period but regardless, it is still a tough ask.

If you are struggling with these Weapons Case exfils, we recommend that you go in with a full squad of three as you’re likely going to come up against a bunch of enemy squads considering the DMZ player count. We also suggest that you utilize vehicles where you can as you’ll be slightly more protected, and some even have turrets that can be utilized to mow down both AI and player-controlled enemies. Finally, ensure you’re going in with your best kit, fully kitted out guns, the lot, just to make sure you won’t be beat out in those all-important 1v1s.

And that’s all there is to it, we hope you get those seven Weapon Case exfils soon enough and enjoy that Biohazard Konig skin!

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