How to get Geppo (Sky Walk) in Pixel Piece

How to get Geppo (Sky Walk) in Pixel Piece – The location of the trainer that will teach you how to double jump on Syrup Island


How to get Geppo (Sky Walk) in Pixel Piece – Steps

Short Answer is: Talk to the NPC Aninha in Syrup Island

Although Syrup island quests are unlocked at level 70, you can travel there whenever you want, even if you have a lower level

  1. Go to Syrup Island: To get to Syrup Island you must travel in a Southeast direction from the initial island
  2. Find Aninha: Go straight from the docks up the sand ramp, turn right and you will see the Ability trainer at the bottom of a rock, just at the edge of the cliff. It’s not very big, but it’s red, in case it helps you see it better
  3. Buy Geppo – Sky Walk: Just Talk to her and pay her 800 in exchange for the new ability

So, as you can see, it’s relatively easy to get the Sky Walk ability, the most complicated thing is to find Aninha, and even that is easy. In any case, later we leave you a video so you can see its exact location

About the Ability

Unlike other weapon-based skills and movesets, the Geppo (Sky Walk) ability is just a double jump feature. But it’s not just restricted to double jumps. A small percentage of your endurance is used during each mid-air jump. So long as you have adequate endurance, you are free to jump as high as you like. You should have this skill if you want to go through Pixel Piece more quickly.

How to get Geppo (Sky Walk) in Pixel Piece – Aninha Location

In this MRTbreezy video you can see how to find the Sky Walk Trainer, it’s very close to the dock so it shouldn’t take much to get to it

Sky Walk allows you to jump multiple times in the air, which will allow you to escape enemies or travel short distances quickly. Each time you jump it will use up a bit of stamina, so make sure you have enough if you want to use it to get around often!

That’s how you get Geppo (Sky Walk) in Pixel Piece. Be sure to head to the Pixel Piece section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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