How to get DRC Blue Access Card DMZ

blue access card dmz

If you’re excited for the all-new Building 21 in DMZ, you’re not alone. Many players have been wanting some new areas to explore and with Season One Reloaded dropping, that’s exactly what Infinity Ward has done.

Now, to access all of Building 21, you’re going to need different Key Cards that will open up different areas within. This will likely allow you to gain even more precious loot, superior to that what you’d typically find in the plains of Al Mazrah.

Below, we’re going to run you through how to get the DRC Blue Access Card in DMZ, one of three Key Cards needed to explore the new Building 21. Let’s get into it.

How to get DRC Blue Access Card DMZ

how to get blue access card dmz

So, you’re undoubtedly excited to get into Building 21 and be challenged by some serious AI combatants, and secure some top-tier rewards. However, you’re not going to be able to get into the new area without the specialized Key Cards that are now available in DMZ.

The DRC Blue Access Card is one of these and thankfully, there are various ways to get your hands on one. To get a DRC Blue Access Card, we’ve found that the best ways in doing so are either completing the various Sam Site contracts scattered across the map and looting the Supply Drop that falls, killing the Commander Helicopter and looting the supply drop, or looting orange boxes in restricted areas.

All three of these methods for getting a DRC Blue Access Card have one thing in common; they all usually provide ‘rare’ loot so it’s looking like this is a key component in finding a DRC Blue Access Card in DMZ.

There may be more methods for getting DRC Blue Access Card, but in our experience, we haven’t run into any as of yet. Of course, you can simply just kill as many player-controlled squads as possible in hope that they’ve got one in their backpack, but this is certainly high risk.

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