How To Get Coaching Credits In Retro Bowl

This is how you can earn or get CC in Retro Bowl.

Retro Bowl is a fun American-style football simulation game. You are supposed to manage your star players, press duties, and roster in the game. There are many teams to choose from, such as Indianapolis, Miami, New England, Green Bay, Atlanta, and Seattle. You need Coaching Credits which are in-game currency to develop in the game. And here is how to earn or get Coaching Credits in Retro Bowl.

Retro Bowl: How to Get Coaching Credits

Coaching Credits In Retro Bowl

Max Out Players

It might be the easiest way of obtaining currency in the game. But many players have claimed it to work like a wonder. First, make your players work hard by setting their Training Regime to Hard. This way players will max out their potential, and the system will not be able to grow them more from level up. So it will give you CC in exchange after leveling up.

Win Game

Every time you win a game, you receive a certain amount of Coaching Credits. You can get about 10 CC per win. Some achievements also give CC. And can be completed by winning games.

Fan Base

Fan support can influence your earnings in the game. If you have about 33 percent of fan support, you will receive about 1 CC per win. And if it is more than 68 percent, you will get 3 CC. To improve your fans’ happiness and support, upgrade your Stadium and fan facilities. You occasionally get an option of praising fans during a meeting or interview. Make sure to praise them to see the effect.


There are times when before or after the match you receive a dilemma. They can be profitable and harmful, and there is a chance of getting CC from them.

Buy From Store

This is the last way and probably the most obvious method. So if you are ready to spend some real money on this game, you can purchase Coaching Credits from $1.99 to $9.99. The amount you receive varies from 50 CC to 500 CC. You also get 25 CC by upgrading to the unlimited version.

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