How To Get 5 Snail Shells & Secret Snail Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb

Wondering how to get snail shells and snail follower form, this will guide you.

This game has many follower forms also known as skins, these skins are appearances that you choose for your follower at the time of making them your disciple. Some are easy to find while some are a little difficult. In this article, we’ll see how you can get 5 snail shells and a secret snail follower form in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Get 5 Snail Shells & Unlock Secret Snail Follower Form in Cult of the Lamb

Acquired Snail Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb
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Where Are Mysterious 5 Snail Shells?

  • Go towards the teleporting star, in front of it you’ll see an arch.
  • Pass from it to reach the area where a pillar is placed in the middle. Behind that pillar, you’ll see three gates.
  • Go to left side gate name “Anura“.
  • Take the weapons that are placed in the first chamber.
  • Surrounding those weapons you’ll see four wooden scarecrows, attack them with your weapon, one of them will possibly give you one shell.
  • Then proceed to the next chamber and fight with enemies as well as destroy grasses and stones.
  • Keep on doing that till you have acquired five shells.

How to Acquire a Secret Snail Follower Form

  • Go to the teleporting star and teleport to “Pilgrim’s Passage“, which is in front of your cult.
  • Go in the right direction until you reach its end, there you’ll see a statue, press A to make Offering.
  • Now teleport to the next location “Smuggler’s Sanctuary“, it’s on the left side of your cult.
  • Go straight and then turn left, in the end, you’ll see a statue, making an offering to it.
  • Next location is “Lonely Shack“, go there and take left, then look for the statue, it’s behind a hut.
  • Now teleport to “Spore Grotto“. Go straight and cross one gate, then take left.
  • At the end of the way you’ll see a Statue, make an offering to it.
  • Our Final Location is “Midas’s Cave“, teleport there and at the end of the pathway take the left.
  • You’ll see a statue, and as soon as you make an offering to it a message will pop up on your screen “Acquired Follower Form“.

In this article, you learned how to get 5 snail shells and a secret follower form in Cult of the Lamb.

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