How To Fix The Hulu Error Code P-TS207?

Hulu Error Code P-TS207 is a playback error

Hulu is a popular American subscription streaming service that is home to popular shows like How I Met Your Father and Grey’s Anatomy. While the streaming service is usually smooth, there can be a few hitches on the road at times. Some viewers have complained of encountering the Hulu Error Code P-TS207 when the streaming service is used with Amazon fire stick or Roku. Let us find out how to fix the Hulu Error Code P-TS207 to enjoy seamless streaming.

Ways To Fix The Hulu Error Code P-TS207


The Hulu Error Code P-TS207 occurs when there is a playback issue. It can also result due to a slow internet connection or an outdated app. Moreover, Hulu could be experiencing server issues. Here are some simple fixes to resolve the error.

Good Internet Connection

Starting with the basics, viewers should ensure that they have a good internet connection. If the internet speed is slow, it might be the cause behind Hulu Error Code P-TS207. Viewers can try changing the location of their modem or moving closer to it to get better connectivity. In addition, viewers can also close the apps running in the background. Another thing that viewers can try is to connect to the ethernet through a cable. If nothing works and the internet is still quite slow, contact the internet service provider.

Restart Hulu

Turn it on and off might have become a running joke but it is popular because it works. Viewers can try to restart the app and see if the error is resolved.

Update Hulu

Check if there are any pending updates in the Hulu app. These can sometimes fix the playback error in Hulu. Once updated, viewers can restart the Hulu app and see if the issue is fixed.

Disable VPN

Viewers that use a VPN on their device might also end up encountering the Hulu Error Code P-TS207. The VPN can sometimes cause a connection error between the ISP and the server. To resolve this, viewers must disable their VPN while using the Hulu app.

Run A Power Cycle

This is quite a basic step. Viewers can try turning off their connected devices and wait a few seconds. After a few seconds, viewers can try reconnecting and seeing if the problem has been resolved.

Limit Connected Devices

Another thing that can cause this error code is being connected to multiple devices. If Hulu is connected to too many devices it can encounter the Hulu Error Code P-TS207. To resolve this problem, viewers can visit the Hulu account page from their registered ID. Here, they can limit the number of devices that can be connected to Hulu at a time. It can also help to disconnect all connected devices and reconnect only the required ones.

Clear Cache For Device and App

Viewers can also attempt to fix the Hulu Error Code P-TS207 by clearing the device and app cache. Hulu generally stores some temporary data on all streaming devices. However, these cached files can sometimes get corrupted and lead to playback errors. Viewers can delete the Cache for their device as well as the app and see if it fixes their problem.

Reinstall Hulu

As a last resort, viewers can attempt to uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app. This can often fix the Hulu Error Code P-TS207. However, this should only be done as a last resort if no other solution on the list works.

Contact Hulu Support

If absolutely nothing else works, viewers must contact Hulu Support to fix the P-TS207 Error Code. To have a speedy and satisfactory resolution, viewers can detail a list of solutions they have already tried.

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