How To Fix Stealth Cam Command App Not Working Issue?

Here is a easy guide to fix Stealth Cam Command App Not Working issue on your device.

Stealth Cameras are high-quality hidden cameras that are used to capture animals by wildlife photographers. These cameras are usually camouflaged with the surroundings and are handled using the ‘Stealth Cam Command App’ to capture, adjust resolutions and give various commands.

Recently there are many Stealth Cam Command App users are facing issues while using it. If you are also facing similar issues and are unable to use the app and command your Stealth Cam, then here is a solution for you to fix it. Check out the steps given below and fix all the issues and errors that you are facing.

Stealth Cam Command App Not Working Issue Fix:

Stealth Cam Command App Not Working fix

The main culprit behind this issue can be poor connectivity or network error. But this isn’t the only reason there can be some other bug or glitch being a hurdle in your way. Without wasting any more time have a look at the solutions mentioned below and fix the issue that you are facing on your device!

1. Check The Connections

The poor internet connection can be one of the major reasons behind the ‘Stealth Cam Command Not Working’ issue. To fix that run a speed test on your device from any browser and make sure your device is connected to a good internet connection.

2. Reboot Your Stealth Cam & Stealth Cam Command App

Reboot both your camera and the application and open it again and see if it is working fine. Disconnect it completely and then launch it all again to fix the ‘Stealth Cam Command App Not Working’ issue.

3. Clear Cache

Go to the App Manager from your Settings and search for the Stealth Cam Command App. Click on the app and then hit the ‘Clear Data’ option at the bottom of your screen to delete all the unnecessary files in the app that might create issues while using the app.

4. Update Application

Go to the app store on your device and search for Stealth Cam Command App and check if you are using the latest version of the app. If not then hit the Update button to update the app and fix the issue.

5. Re-install The App

If any of the above solutions do not work then uninstall the app and install it again on your device and see if it helps you to fix the ‘Stealth Cam Command not Woking’ issue.

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