How To Fix SmartGaga Blue Screen For PC?

Are you also getting blue screen while playing games on SmartGaga? If Yes, Then here is a solution for you!

If you are also one of these users and getting a blue screen then check out the list of solutions given below and fox it as soon as you can.

Why Are You Getting Blue Screen On SmartGaga?

Android emulators are third-party applications that help you to run apps on mobile devices on your PC. These apps include all the applications and mobile games available on your app store. Smartgaga is a similar Android emulator that helps us to play all the android games on the big screen.

Almost a year ago, SmartGaga users started getting blue screen errors on their computers. to be precise it is after the new updates on Google Playstore were released. There are many users who are still facing this issue and looking for solutions to fix it.

Blue screen error is because of the constant updates released for Google Playstore and Google Play Services. So there is a chance that it has got auto-updated on your PC hence your facing this problem. But do not worry as we have covered all the solutions to fix this error.

SmartGaga Blue Screen Fix

Here is a list of solutions that you can try to fix the SmartGaga blue screen issue.

  • Close SmartGaga Android Emulator and try to open it again
  • Restart your PC
  • Reinstall SmartGaga Android emulator
  • Disable Google Playstore  Services Updates
  • Make sure your Google Playstore Services are not on Auto Update mode
  • Create a different account to login into your Google Play Store that you use on PC

This is everything you need to know about the SmartGaga blue screen fix.

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