How To Find & See Liked Posts On Instagram

Want to know where to find Liked Posts on Instagram? Check it out here.

Well, in this guide, we have covered a method with which you can trace the posts you have liked from your account. Mostly, users would find their liked posts to refresh their memory or a funny meme that they want to show to their friends or followers. Hence, read along with this guide and find your liked posts on the social media platform.

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram?

Liked Posts on Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has evolved and gone through a lot of updates. And every time the app gets better and more convenient for the users. Among these features, the users are provided with a feature with which they can locate the posts that they had liked earlier.

So, if you’re struggling to see the Liked Posts on Instagram, we have the steps that you can follow. Glance through the method given below and solve your conundrum.

  • Open Instagram on your device
  • Head to your Profile
  • Click on the Menu icon (three horizontal bars) near the top-right corner
  • Tap on Your Activity tab (Fourth Option)
  • Navigate to the Interactions tab (Third Option)
  • Click on Likes

And you’ll see all the posts you have liked from the account. Scroll through the list and find the Liked Posts on Instagram that you were looking for. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you.

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