How to dual wield Dark and Darker

how to dual wield dark and darker

You need a bunch of strategy in Dark and Darker both to survive against the monsters within the Dungeon Basements and against enemy squads. Putting the right perks on, going in with the right loadout, and knowing how to revive could be key to actually being able to extract.

Something that’s sometimes overlooked, or an aspect that you simply don’t know about however is dual wielding in Dark and Darker. This could help you in the heat of battle and potentially throw off enemy squads that are only using one weapon.

Below, we’ll run you through how to dual wield in Dark and Darker so you know how to do it for yourself.

How to dual wield Dark and Darker

dark and darker dual wield

If you are looking to dual wield in Dark and Darker to mix up those attacks, it’s a pretty simple process. However, there is one aspect that many miss out which results in them thinking it’s either bugged or doesn’t work.

To dual wield in Dark and Darker, all you have to do is have two weapons in your inventory and put one in your main hand slot and one in your off-hand slot. Simple, right? Well, we wish it were this straight forward but this is where it gets a little sticky.

The weapon in your main hand slot has to be one that has a primary weapon tag, something like a Rapier or Falchion. If it is not, it won’t be equipped and just stay in your inventory. The same goes for the off-hand weapon too but this one needs a secondary weapon tag as you would expect. Weapons such as Daggers are useful options but again, check the tag as even some Daggers are classed as primaries.

Once you have everything in check, you should be able to dual wield in Dark and Darker with ease. It certainly has its benefits, especially if you’re going for a fast build, but there are some who suggest dual wielding isn’t even worth it, especially if you have a strong primary weapon already.

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