Good Fortune DMZ Mission: How to complete

good fortune dmz how to complete

The Good Fortune DMZ Mission is one that those wanting to complete it are having a bit of a hard time with due to you having to locate a specific point on the map. While this is the case for quite a few DMZ Missions, this one is particularly awkward because the location is locked.

Below, we’ll be detailing everything you need to know for how to complete the Good Fortune DMZ Mission so that you can get it out of the way and advance to your next Faction Mission. Let’s get into it.

Good Fortune DMZ Mission: How to complete

First off, let’s talk about the actual objectives of the Good Fortune DMZ Mission.

This one tasks you to locate and unlock Room 302 on the top floor of the Sawah Hotel, and then loot/extract the gold .50 GS from the very same room. On the face of it, nothing too crazy here, but without knowing the Room 302 location, you’re going to get in a bit of a muddle.

To get to Room 302, you’re obviously going to first know how to get to the Sawah Hotel. The Sawah Hotel is located within Sawah Village in the southwest corner of Al Mazrah. It’s overrun by water but you are still able to wade through it on foot and access the buildings within. Below shows a map of the precise location of the Sawah Hotel which is on the more easterly side of the Village.

good fortune dmz sawah hotel

Once there, you will need to scale the Hotel using a ladder which can be found on either side of the building. This is because while you can enter the Hotel, Room 302 is completely locked and you must access it from the roof.

After taking the ladder, there are four skylight openings that take you to various Sawah Hotel top floor rooms which are all locked. Some of these have good loot so if you choose to go in all four, it could be worthwhile, but if you simply want to head into Room 302, you’ll need to move toward the corner that has the aerial on it. If you’re still struggling, take a look at the image below for more clarity. Once found, drop into Room 302.

good fortune dmz room 302 location

Sometimes, the Sawah Hotel can be a Stronghold location so if this happens to you, you will have to go into another DMZ match to change this.

Now you’re in Room 302, you’ll now have to find the gold .50 GS. Thankfully, this is pretty simple as it will be on the floor directly next to a duffel bag, making it hard to miss. Pick it up and head for that all-important exfil to complete the Good Fortune DMZ Mission.

One thing to note here though is that you will need to have the gold .50 GS equipped as a weapon and not stowed in your backpack as many have reported that the mission will not complete otherwise.

And there you have it, everything you need to complete the Good Fortune DMZ Mission. If you’re having problems with missions such as Bombing Run, Medical Mule, or finding that Black Mous Intel, we have guides on those too!

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