Fully Encumbered Mission: How to extract with a full backpack DMZ

fully encumbered dmz

The Missions in DMZ offer a bunch of variety in this game mode and provide an actual objective to follow rather than simply ‘win’ like Warzone 2. One mission that a bunch of people are struggling to complete though is the Fully Encumbered Mission. This one asks you to extract with a full backpack which seems simple enough, but there are some snags.

Below, we’ll give you everything you need to know to extract with a full backpack in DMZ so you can complete the Fully Encumbered mission and get onto your next challenge.

How to extract with a full backpack DMZ

extract with a full backpack dmz

On the face of it, extracting with a full backpack in DMZ should be an extremely simple process but in actual fact, many players are facing some serious issues with it. Some are even going as far to say that the extract with a full backpack objective is bugged as they believe they’re doing it correct.

There is one issue though, due to there being multiple backpack capacities in the game, unlocking more slots is something many are overlooking, and more specifically that additional weapon slot, giving you the ability to stow a third weapon.

This is an option in both medium and large backpacks and if you extract without stowing a third weapon in there, you simply won’t complete the extract with a full backpack objective. So, even though technically, your backpack will be ‘full’, with the game not allowing you to add more items to it, you do need to stow that extra weapon.

And that’s all there is to it really, simply go around Al Mazrah, fill your backpack to the brim with whatever you find, add that stowed weapon if necessary, and extract. This should bypass what many are suggesting as a ‘bug’ and you will be able to complete Fully Encumbered.

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