Fate/Grand Order: How To Level Up Servants

Leveling up servants can give players a decided edge in battle.

Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play RPG where players can collect characters to face opponents in battles. These characters, called servants, play a major role in a player’s progress in the game. This is why it is essential that players level up the servants in Fate/Grand Order to maximize their potential. As the servants level up, they can face tougher opponents with ease. Let us take a look at how players can level up and progress faster in the game.

How To Level Up Servants In Fate/Grand Order?


There are multiple ways to level up Servants in Fate/Grand Order. We have listed all of them below.

Experience Cards

The easiest method to level up a character in Fate/Grand Order is by using Experience Cards. Players can use Experience Cards by going to the Servant Reinforcement option in the Synthesis menu. Players might want to stock up their ALL-type Experience cards as these can be used on any card. when players use the EXP Cards for their servants they gain 2 or 3 EXP in the process.

Sacrifice Servants

While playing the game, players will collect numerous unwanted or duplicate servants. These servants can be sacrificed for EXP that can level up 5-star servants. If players sacrifice the same class servant, they also earn extra EXP. Players can sacrifice servants the same way as using the Experience Cards.

Noble Phantasm Fusion

A Noble Phantasm is a weapon that each servant has. It is a special card that lets servants use their ultimate powers in battles. Enhancing these Noble Phantasm is a good idea to improve a servant’s potential in battle. Players will need 2 cards of the same servant before they can fuse them together. Once players have the copies, they can fuse them by going to the Enhancement menu and selecting the Noble Phantasm option. Then, players can pick the Noble Phantasm to upgrade and fuse the duplicate copies. This process can be repeated as long as players have duplicate servants to fuse.


If players have hit the maximum level for a servant, they can use the Ascend option to level them higher. To Ascend a servant, players need to go to the Enhancement menu and select Ascension. After this, they need to select the servant that they wish to Ascend. If players have all the required items they will be able to Ascend the servants.

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