F-Zone Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats & More

F-Zone Gaming currently has over 1.19 million subscribers

F-Zone Gaming’s one of the popular Indian gaming YouTube channels that create content related to Garena Free Fire. The channel currently has over 1.19 million subscribers and more than 217 million views. For those curious to know more about the content creator, we will discuss F-Zone Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats & more in this article.

F-Zone Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID, Stats & More

F-Zone Gaming's Free Fire MAX ID Stats

We have put together all information on the popular content creator from their Free Fire MAX ID, lifetime stats, to their earnings. Let us take a look at all the available information below.

F-Zone Gaming’s Free Fire MAX ID & IGN

The Free Fire MAX ID for F-Zone Gaming is 141332098 and his IGN is Fzone-Gaming.

F-Zone Gaming Stats

Lifetime Stats


Currently, F-Zone Gaming has played 1629 solo games. He has secured 137 wins and has a win rate of 8.41%. During these games, F-Zone Gaming has secured 3124 kills and 663 headshots. His headshot rate is 8.41% with a F/D ratio of 2.09.


In duo mode, F-Zone Gaming has played 1694 matches and won 223 of them for a win rate of 13.16%. He has gotten 603 headshots during this time with a F/D ratio of 2.16. His headshot percentage in this mode is 18.97%.


Lastly, F-Zone Gaming has played 6300 squad games with 1133 victories. His win rate is 17.98% in this mode. He has had 14007 kills with 2557 headshots in this mode. F-Zone Gaming’s F/D ratio is 2.71 with a headshot percentage of 18.26%.

Ranked Stats

The content creator has not participated in ranked matches for solo or duo games. However, he has participated in 13 ranked squad matches but failed to get a win in them. He has 32 kills and 12 headshots with a F/D ratio of 2.46 and a headshot percentage of 27.46%.

F-Zone Gaming Earnings

As per Social Blade, F-Zone Gaming’s estimated monthly earnings are somewhere between $984 – $15.7K. The estimated yearly income for the channel is between $11.8K – $188.9K.

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