Durable Gas Mask DMZ: How to get

durable gas mask dmz how to get

The gas in any battle royale game can cause some serious damage if you’re in it too long, severely hindering your chances of survival. This is similarly the case in the all-new DMZ mode introduced alongside Warzone 2 after the release of MW2.

One way in which you can reduce this damage is through picking up a Gas Mask on your looting escapades. There are two types of Gas Masks though – regular and Durable with the latter lasting longer, giving you more opportunity to escape the Radiation Zone.

Below, we’ll be running you through how to get a Durable Gas Mask in DMZ so that you can make some clutch plays and exfil before that timer runs out.

Durable Gas Mask DMZ: How to get

If you want to get your hands on a DMZ Durable Gas Mask, it can unfortunately be a tricky feat to accomplish. This is because Durable Gas Masks are a rare item and aren’t just in every duffle bag you find.

The best way in which we’ve found to find Durable Gas Masks in DMZ is to head to a place densely populated with orange loot boxes. This is because you have a much higher chance at finding rare items such as killstreaks, weapons, and what we want here, Durable Gas Masks.

Some of the best locations for these orange loot boxes are the Sattiq Cave Complex and Airport so visiting these places could be key to your Durable Gas Mask DMZ endeavors. Be careful though because places of this ilk are heavily guarded by AI that not only have armor but also could have riot shields too so taking them down in abundance is no mean feat.

The other way you can get Durable Gas Masks is through killing other real players that have one. While this may be rare, if you’re nearing the time the Radiation Zone is closing in, it is pretty likely that these other players will have looted up enough to have Gas Masks on them.

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